This is the info for the brother & sister Cats. These stunning cats are up for adoption because their owner moved and left them behind, after having them for 10 years! Brother and sister: Bridgett&  Bobby (Att. 1) Bridget (Att. 2). They are chocolate point Siamese; 10 years old. Surrendered together. Owner moved and left them with neighbor; now the neighbor is unable to keep them. Both use litter box, well behaved, very well socialized, make wonderful companions. Do not have to be adopted together, but it would be humane if someone would consider taking both.

Call Nina 951 852 8172 or Mary Ann (SSNAAPE) 760.728.0249





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Be prepared to fall in 😍love! Are you blessed enough to be Blossom’s new forever family! This exceptionally sweet two year old beauty is a joy and still has a lot of puppy in her. Blossom was just hours from being killed when a team of women worked diligently saving this little girl and we did not do this so she would spend the rest of her life in lock up. Blossom is thought to be mostly an American Bulldog with some Pit mix. Do yourself a favor and please, please, please get the word out there and post and share on social media. Talk to family, friends, neighbors and then stop by Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary to meet this sweetie. Thank you for whatever you can do to help Blossom. For more information call FAS: 760-685-3533.  Or Marlene at 760-451-8961.























Winslow needs your help! Will you be a Warrior for Winslow?

Winslow and his sister Birdie were born in December of 2018 on a rural property in De Luz just North of Fallbrook. These two pups and their Mom along with another unfixed dog lived outside, were free to roam and of course have litter after litter. FAS has been trying to get the owner to relinquish the puppies, Winslow & Birdie, and get the Mom fixed for quite some time but the owner was not being very cooperative.

It was not until Winslow was attacked by two large dogs that the owner agreed to relinquish the puppies. When we saw the injuries to Winslow we rushed him to the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Marcos. While Birdie was safe at FAS, Winslow was facing a very long road to recovery.

Winslow didn’t just suffer multiple lacerations and punctures which were infected because the owner did not seek medical attention until he brought him to us 3+ days after the attack, he also has a severely broken leg and 10 fractured ribs. Because of the severity of Winslow’s injuries and because the owner did not seek medical attention or bring him to FAS, VSH contacted DAS (Dept of Animal Services). DAS made contact with the owner of the dogs and because of that he promptly relinquished the mother to FAS as well. We have named her Poppy.

Winslow is under the best care! He is currently being fostered by 2 of the Vets from the VSH since his bandages needed to be changed daily along with daily medication for pain and the infection in his wounds. When Winslow is strong enough and his infection clears up he will then be able to have surgery to fix his broken leg.

While Mom, Poppy, and sister, Birdie, have now been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated, little Winslow will have to wait until he is all better from the horrific attack he suffered.

Will you be a Winslow’s Warrior? To date his vet bills total $4,035.16 with more to come! A fund called Winslow’s Warriors has been establish for this little boy for all his medical care. Please, make a donation today and write Winslow’s Warriors in the memo!

🔹Click the DONATE button 🐾
🔹Visit our website and click DONATE
🔹Send a check payable to FAS and write Winslow’s Warriors in the memo




The photo to the right is either Winslow’s sister or mom. Either way, this fur baby is looking for her forever home. Go visit the family at FAS!










‘Meet Lucky! The sweetest and most endearing little ol’ man, and he will steal your heart away. He came to the shelter with swelling on the left side of his face; the swelling is gone but his face is a little lopsided. Lucky’s back legs don’t always work the way they should, but he tries with all his might to get where he’s going. He’s beyond sweet and gentle, and ever so lovable.

Lucky was on a possible owner hold, but they never showed up. We really love this little golden boy, and we know you will too. Lucky is waiting for you at the Harbor Shelter, please don’t make him wait too long. Please help us find a rescue or a (forever) foster that will take Lucky, so he can get the love and care he needs. For more information call LA Pet Harbor: 213-485-8755. ID# A1833062. My name is Lucky and I am a neutered male, tan and white Cocker Spaniel mix. The shelter thinks I am about 14 years old. I weigh approximately 27 pounds. I have been at the shelter since Jan 07, 2019. *They are continuing to work on getting a $500 donation for a reputable 501c3 rescue for Lucky. If any of you know of a good forever foster where rescue will take care of medical expense

(Some rescues also provide food) would also help, please contact  







Attention all RESCUES: KRINGLE – ID#A1831928. *Lifeline4Paws is offering medical donation to qualified rescue, contact PRIOR TO BAIL. *some restrictions apply. It looks as though Kringle is another sad story about a senior surrendered, probably for being old. Sweet Kringle is a neutered male, tan & cream, handsome Pomeranian. The shelter thinks this very sweet boy is about 12 years old & weighs approximately 9 lbs. He has been at the shelter since Dec 29, 2018. Kringle was found as a microchipped stray. The owner was called, but no one ever returned the call nor came for him. Kringle is now in need of a RESCUE, FOSTER, OR FOREVER HOME. He is arthritic; his hind limbs are weak and occasionally he falls, but then Kringle jumps back up & continues to continue explore. Kringle does have severe dental tartar, will need a dental and possible extractions. If you can help Kringle please contact the West Valley Shelter. West Valley Shelter 818 756 9325/6 Dr. Feldman at ACT Supervisor Life Saving Coordinator or 213 238 4313



Pet of the Week,  2019. FAS sanctuary WILL PAY ANY MEDICAL EXPENSES TO A FOSTER FOR LOLA. After 9 yrs old LOLA was relinquished to FAS; what a blow to a devoted companion. No wonder she is depressed and not doing well in the shelter environment. She is a good dog and deserves a loving home. Lola is a fun and energetic 9 year old female Boston Terrier. She was raised in a home with Great Danes and got along great with them, but isn’t a fan of smaller dogs, even though she is one! Lola was depressed because she had her heart broken; hence the reason she is in fear and could strike out to other dogs or perhaps small children.

Lola does suffer from cataracts and is blind in one eye and has lost a little sight in the other. That doesn’t stop her from running and playing and doing all the fun things that dogs do! Lola is spayed, up to date on vaccines and microchipped. Lola would do best in a home as the only dog and preferably with no small children. So if you are looking for a buddy, come and meet this sweet girl at the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary: 760) ‭‭‭685-3533




Meet 🐾Howie:

Maltese/Poodle/Shih Tzu mix, approximately 2 years old. Has been neutered, chipped and completely vaccinated. He’s a sweet boy that is house and crate trained and walks well on a leash.

Contact: Sharon @ (909) 519-8059‬

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Can you believe it? These 2 tiny boys, 4 pounds each, 7-12 years old, survived being on their own! Middle age and seniors make the best companions. Now, after all that, they are CODE RED, meaning they are in danger of being euthanized. These boys are shy, but friendly and sweet; they are bonded, love to cuddle, and are in pursuit of their forever home. SSNAAPE pledged $100 toward their medical care. Consider treating yourself to double the fun, unconditional love, and hours of canoodling. If you can’t adopt, consider fostering or do a forever foster. If you are a Rescue, please step up and take these special tiny beings. At the very least, please share. Thank you. Blessings.
Call: 951-358-7387. Riverside County dog Identification numbers: A1480204 and A1480206. San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus, 581 S. Grand Ave, San Jacinto, CA 92582.
contact is: Brittany Fonseca, Rescue Coordinator (If you cannot reach anyone, please contact SSNAAPE)








How about it, can you handle more love in your life? Sparky is a sweet Chiweenie (chihuahua/dachshund). Jamie Dahms took him in as a foster to save him from being dropped off at a shelter. But now Jamie’s large family is getting ready to move to Texas, and they are concerned Sparky won’t adjust well and it might even be more difficult for him. Sparky is a very easy-going dog, he’s happy just sitting next to you, or sleeping on his favorite blanket.

He has lost most of his teeth, but eats with no problem. Jamie would love for Sparky to find a safe and loving home where he can relax and enjoy his senior years!

Sparky is neutered and approximately 10-12 years old. He has slowly been losing his eyesight and is almost completely blind. So it will be great to get him accustomed to a forever home before he is blind. Jamie said Sparky gets along well with all her other animals, but he’d sure like to be getting more attention. How about it, can you handle more love in your life? Hurry, give Jamie a call before it is too late! 903-752-1183. Location: Fallbrook area.


Young Marine cried because he has to give up his dog! Can you

help? Bane’s arrival at the Camp Pen Shelter was a heart-breaker. Bane’s soldier daddy is divorcing and forced to bring him to a shelter. Dad sat on the ground in the turn-in holding pen with Bane to say goodbye. I had to excuse myself from the immediate scene. The sight of a very young (20 – 21 yr old) strong, brave Marine sitting there on the ground with Bane, hugging, nuzzling, whispering to his dog and sobbing into the fur on his neck was more than I could bear. Thanks for your help! If interested please contact  SSNAAPE 760.728.0249 or call the shelter 760-725-8120. Thanks.

Please help this rescue help Dallas and other animals treated with such barbarianism. It is not enough to express your outrage, please share on all your social media, pray if you believe in that, send a few dollars, take action. Thank you. 
 Spaniel Haven Saving Rescue Saving those in Most Need were headed to the West shelter to pick up a black cocker which we have named Harvey after saving so many Harvey animals last week. While there though, there was an emergency situation with a red cocker that came in yesterday. We were able to take him also and rush him to the ER vet. We just arrived and don’t know what is wrong yet, but there was a lot of blood near his rear leg.
We have named this newest one Dallas and he is in bad shape. He is at the ER vet getting splinted and sedated. He has suffered from blunt force trauma to his legs and abdomen. He has blood in his urine from being beaten and a broken leg. He needs rest to see if he will recover from this. We have been picking ticks off of him as he just gives kisses. He is a love and we cannot believe what he has been through. It’s not going well. They had Dallas under for some tests and they think they see another fracture. They need to do a CT scan to see, but it doesn’t look for him and they are now talking about amputation. We are racking up the bills fast trying to save this boy. We really need help with these bills. Watch his video :
Please any amount helps!!! PayPal is  for Dallas.


SSNAAPE is reaching out for the San Diego Humane Society Escondido campus on behalf of Flame (243186). Flame is a 1-year-old, intact, 10 lb, male, Min Pin/Chihuahua mix. He came in as a stray, and they found that he is reactive towards new people, especially while on leash. Who knows what humans have done to frighten this little guy, but a patient, and loving person will make a huge difference. He has continued this behavior, but after giving him some time to adjust to being in this environment, he has warmed up to some staff members. He is very excitable, high energy and playful with those he is comfortable with. Flame’s behavior may require continued behavior modification in a slower paced environment since we don’t know his background. If you are interested please contact the Alternative Placement Team at or 760-888-2231 Thanks.

Megan Schmidt | Alternative Placement Specialist, Escondido Campus
San Diego Humane Society | 760.888.2235 / 858.525.3936 |

SSNAAPE is reaching out for the San Diego Humane Society Escondido campus on behalf of Rosco (243686). Rosco is a 12-year-old, neutered, 18 lb, Jack Russell Terrier Mix. Rosco has shown dog directed aggression while in our care but is very people-social. After 12 years, his previous owners gave him up, can you imagine?! No wonder he is reacting by barking, and was difficult to distract. He must be so confused, and scared, his former owners probably never gave Roscoe the proper care or love—how else could they part with their fur baby if they had. I always say, there are no bad dogs, just poor parenting. If you are interested in giving Roscoe the opportunity he deserves or would like to learn more, please contact the Alternative Placement Team at or 760-888-2231. Thanks.

Megan Schmidt | Alternative Placement Specialist, Escondido Campus
San Diego Humane Society | 760.888.2235 / 858.525.3936 |

Please open your heart for these 2 confused babies. Their owner passed away, and this sister & brother are so lonely, and scared, and need out of the shelter! The male chi ID 118479 12.5 lbs., and the girl is the smaller one 8.5 lbs ID 118480. They need a foster or forever home.

THEY ARE SO CUTE AND VERY SWEET. PLEASE consider. SENIORS fur babies MAKE THE BEST COMPANIONS. They are in the Ramona Humane Society, San Jacinto, CA. Call or text Jose at 951-260-7204. The Ramona Humane Society, 690 Humane Way, San Jacinto, CA. Or contact SSNAAPE 760.728.0249.Thank you kindly.






DOB: 10/03/05Triscuit

Been in the shelter for nearly 11 years, please help get her a loving home.
Triscuit is playful, spirited, somewhat shy and at the same time very friendly once she gets to know you. She greets the folks she knows with a full body wag and a happy to see you attitude.

Because Triscuit is somewhat insecure, she would prefer to be with an experienced owner that is gentle and soft spoken. She needs to feel safe and probably would be very happy with a nice fenced yard. She would need a place to go into, such as, a garage with the option to go in and out as she pleased. Until she feels comfortable and secure, she may not go inside the house.

Triscuit is good with other dogs and would do best in a home without children or small pets. Please come get me, I am waiting for you at the Living Free Sanctuary. My phone # is 951) 659-4687.



Sheila came to Living Free from a situation in which she had very little room to move around. She was in this place for about two years and the only time she got out for walks was when a kind volunteer came to visit her.

Sheila is now at Living Free and having the time of her life running free at the wonderful park on the premises. She is a somewhat insecure dog with people she doesn’t know. It doesn’t take her very long to warm up and enjoy going for walks and play time at the park.

Sheila is very strong and will do best with an owner that can set boundaries and limitations with kindness and gentleness. She will be a great companion for some who can match her strength and desire to enjoy life.


LaverneLaverne age 11

Spayed female, Shepherd mix, Housebroken, and sweet. No medical issues.

 Loves to be the only dog. No children or cats

 Medium energy dog, Loves walks and to play.

Outrageous! After 8 years, her family is trading her in for a younger model!

This is such a heart wrenching story, Laverne was returned to the sanctuary after being adopted out for 8 years! The owners said she is a great dog, but they want a younger dog! The Living Free Sanctuary said these people also returned  Cruiser, a 10 year old dog, for the same reason. When he came io the sanctuary Cruiser looked so intensely sad, and severely depressed. A few months later, Cruiser passed away, and the staff believes Cruiser died from a broken heart. Laverne is a healthy and strong dog. This type of situation is especially confusing, and stressful, so please, please, consider adopting her before depression sets in.