Thank you to the Fallbrook Women’s Club for their generous donation in April, 2017. The funding went toward supplementing

those who cannot afford to pay for our spay, and neuter clinic we held on April 22, 1017.

A 100% of all donations to SSNAAPE go toward our animal causes.



From the Fallbrook Village news

SSNAAPE helped us with a terrified dog


Thursday, April 26th, 2012
Issue 17, Volume 16.
A terrified, unapproachable Australian Shepherd was dumped and left to starve in my backcountry neighborhood last summer.

After one month, she was clearly losing weight, and was reduced literally to skin-and-bones after a 100 degree week. During that heat, she had puppies. She was moving the puppies when she just disappeared, leaving the puppies abandoned. Our hearts were torn when neighbors found two 7-week-old puppies four days later under their house, alive but starving. I took them in, but was broken-hearted about the Aussie.

Amazingly, the Aussie returned, staying at the edge of my property but close to the puppies’ kennel. She took food/water I provided but rebuffed all attempts to get close. She was smart, probably a purebred, and needed help, and spayed, but I couldn’t afford  to keep three dogs. Three rescue agencies compassionately recommended euthanasia, thinking she was too wild to be adoptable. But she had fought so hard to stay alive, there just had to be another answer.

Then I called SSNAAPE (Senior Special Needs Animal Assistance) Project Endeavor from Fallbrook. They helped with her capture, handling, supplies, the cost of food and visit to the vet (where they found a bullet in her face). Spaying stopped the problem of unwanted puppies. The little Aussie, “Gem,” is now mine, allows belly-rubs, plays with us, and protects our home. We love her.

SSNAAPE wants Fallbrook to know they are here to help with any animal problems. Please contact this wonderful group at (760) 451-8961 or visit





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